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Umbereen Inayet, is a National Award Winning Artistic Producer, Artistic Director and Curator. With a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto and an Undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology and Women's Studies, Umbereen’s personal style is to bridge pop culture with contemporary art, using her roots in anthropology, culture, psychology and social work to inform her artistic producing practice.

Great granddaughter of Hafeez Jalandhri, the poet who wrote the lyrics of the National Anthem of Pakistan, Umbereen is a playwright, whose work has been featured in major media outlets and been shown across Toronto with international shows in India. As a Programming Supervisor at the City of Toronto, Umbereen has led the creative visioning and provided event execution for major City events.

Umbereen is currently an Artistic Producer for Nuit Blanche Toronto, one of the largest free contemporary art events in North America. With over a decade of experience working on this event with artists, curators and studios ranging from infamous politically charged artists such Ai Weiwei, award winning music video directors such as Director X and Ted Prize winning artists that have bridged the street to the gallery and beyond, such as JR, Umbereen, has explored a vast spectrum of the human experience to create public artworks for all.

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